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Marknadsassistent – Hero

Apply no later than 2023-10-21


Är du redo för att jobba mycket hands-on, har koll på hur man redigerar bilder och skriver kreativa, säljande texter? Då kanske du är vår nya marknadsassistent!


Operativ inköpare till Syntronics snabbväxande produktion i Sandviken! – Hero

Apply no later than 2023-10-22

Operativ inköpare till Syntronics snabbväxande produktion i Sandviken!

Var med på Syntronics tillväxtresa och bli en del i vårt globala inköpsteam!


Erfaren CAD-ingenjör – Hero

Apply no later than 2023-10-22

Erfaren CAD-ingenjör

Var steget före och utveckla framtiden med oss!


Thesis proposal – Declarative Programming for Automated Test Equipment – Hero

Apply no later than 2024-03-31

Thesis proposal – Declarative Programming for Automated Test Equipment

Start your career adventure and meet experts in your future field of work as a thesis student at Syntronic!


Thesis proposal – Visualization of Large Data Sets – Hero

Apply no later than 2024-03-31

Thesis proposal – Visualization of Large Data Sets

Start your career adventure and meet experts in your future field of work as a thesis student at Syntronic!


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Application and selection process

When you apply for a vacant position with us or submit a spontaneous application through the connect box, you will always receive a confirmation that we have received your application.

We work with ongoing selection and will contact the candidates who match our job requirements as soon as possible to proceed with the process.

If we need additional information that is not available in your application, we might call you for a phone conversation.

Candidates who do not match our job requirements will receive feedback by email after the application deadline.


If your profile is deemed to be a good match for the position, you will be booked for a physical or digital interview with the hiring manager. Our interviews usually take approximately 1 to 1.5 hour.

We focus on assessing if your skills and experiences match the available positions or specific assignments that we have at the moment. We also give you an insight into our business operations, and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Tests and feedback

The next step is personality and aptitude tests, for a more accurate and fair recruitment process. If the position is in software development, a programming test may be required.

You will receive test feedback from the recruiter. Complete your test as soon as possible, for a faster recruitment process.


To get a broader picture of you as a person, your abilities, and skills, we ask you at this stage to provide at least two references. Preferably, we want to speak to one person who has been your supervisor at some point and one person who knows you well in work situations.

Please make sure that the contact information for the references is up to date and that they are aware that we will contact them.


If we are a good professional match, we will be happy to offer you a position at Syntronic. At this stage, we will go through your benefits and employment terms.

Welcome to Syntronic!

When you have accepted our offer, we will be proud to welcome you to our team of 1800+ innovators around the globe, who in various roles together create the technology of tomorrow.


Stages of the recruitment journey

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Are you a student?

Make the most of your university days! Experience working life at a global company that develops tomorrow’s technology, through our student collaboration scheme. Write your thesis with us. Start your journey.

Student page

Work at Syntronic

We offer an intellectually stimulating, varied, and welcoming working environment. In our consultancy role, we develop solutions and products for world-leading players.

A career with us gives you instant access to a variety of high-end assignments. The sharpest expertise and well-equipped facilities in the business are at your disposal. Empower yourself to do what you love, every day, through Syntronic.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness is the best recipe for innovation. Thanks to our diverse and talented teams across the world, we continue to generate new ideas and break new ground.

Innovation and development

We innovate and create tomorrow's technology together with some of the world's most technically-intensive organizations in telecom, automotive, medtech and the industrial sector.

Work - life balance

Our people is our strength and an indispensable part of our story. That is why we take care of our team members and offer flexibility in terms of working hours, assignments, and location.

Workplace and culture

Syntronic offers an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive working environment. We believe in the notion “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Our team of creative out-of-the-box thinkers consists of motivated engineers from all walks of life with extensive experience.

Ideas, creativity, and new perspectives flow freely in our professional environment. We are convinced that the best results are achieved in an environment where people lift each other up and help each other grow. At Syntronic, we believe that excellence can be achieved when great minds work together.