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Scrum master – Hero

Apply no later than 2022-06-18

Scrum master

Vi söker en Scrum master som vill driva våra framgångsrika team framåt!


Teknisk Projektledare – Hero

Apply no later than 2022-06-17

Teknisk Projektledare

Utveckla framtiden med oss!


Godsmottagare – Hero

Apply no later than 2022-06-15


Nu söker vi en duktig godsmottagare till vår produktionssite i Sandviken som ansvarar för in- och utleveranser.


Mjukvaruutvecklare inom systemlösningar – Hero

Apply no later than 2022-06-14

Mjukvaruutvecklare inom systemlösningar

Vi söker mjukvaruutvecklare som vill skapa nästa generationens teknik istället för att vänta in den!


Underhållstekniker – Hero

Apply no later than 2022-06-12


Vi söker nu en underhållstekniker till Syntronic i Kumla som brinner för problemlösning!


Work at Syntronic

We offer an intellectually stimulating, varied, and welcoming working environment. In our consultancy role, we develop solutions and products for world-leading players.

A career with us gives you instant access to a variety of high-end assignments. The sharpest expertise and well-equipped facilities in the business are at your disposal. Empower yourself to do what you love, every day, through Syntronic.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness is the best recipe for innovation. Thanks to our diverse and talented teams across the world, we continue to generate new ideas and break new ground.

Innovation and development

We innovate and create tomorrow's technology together with some of the world's most technically-intensive organizations in telecom, automotive, medtech and the industrial sector.

Work - life balance

Our people is our strength and an indispensable part of our story. That is why we take care of our team members and offer flexibility in terms of working hours, assignments, and location.

Workplace and culture

Syntronic offers an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive working environment. We believe in the notion “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Our team of creative out-of-the-box thinkers consists of motivated engineers from all walks of life with extensive experience.

Ideas, creativity, and new perspectives flow freely in our professional environment. We are convinced that the best results are achieved in an environment where people lift each other up and help each other grow. At Syntronic, we believe that excellence can be achieved when great minds work together.

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