Marie Ashman

Marie Ashman, Mechanical Design Manager:

“My passion is to work on projects that improve people’s lives”

Meet Marie Ashman, our Mechanical Design Manager at Syntronic in Ottawa. With a rich background in mechanical engineering and a passion for transformative solutions, Marie decided to join Syntronic to get the opportunity to work on large-scale projects.


Marie's journey into engineering began in her hometown of Ottawa, where her innate curiosity and knack for fixing things led her down the path of mechanical engineering.

"I was always good at breaking things as a kid, so I needed to get good at fixing them. "Science felt like a natural fit for me," she recalls with a smile.

With a degree from the University of Ottawa, Marie embarked on a career in the dynamic world of biomedical mechanics. She got the opportunity to use her expertise in engineering to contribute lifesaving MedTech solutions, such as PCR-testing and diagnostics equipment.


Large-scale projects at Syntronic

Marie's decision to join Syntronic was fuelled by her eagerness to tackle industrial projects at the forefront of new technology. Today, she finds herself immersed in a world of large-scale projects in an international environment.

"The scale of the work here at Syntronic is larger, more industrial, and much more diverse. I get a broader view of the latest technologies, which is interesting for me as an engineer," she notes.

One of the things that Marie enjoys the most about her working days is the great degree of variety that a career with Syntronic offers.

“The more diversity we have in a team, the better we get at taking different perspectives into account, which has a positive impact on the solutions that we develop,” she says.

As the manager of the mechanical design department, Marie is pleased about the collective knowledge and experience in her team.

"My team are very experienced people. It's interesting to see how problem-solving works for them.” she says.

"I want to be able to look back upon my career knowing that I contributed to impactful solutions.”

From a leadership perspective, Marie is committed to contributing to her team members’ professional development through a people-centred management style.

“I always see our team members as people first and as engineers and designers second. Also, I make sure to adapt to each person’s preferences regarding how they want to communicate and what they need to excel and perform well at work.”

Beyond her managerial responsibilities, Marie is deeply passionate about driving projects that have a positive impact on people's lives. Her heart beats for engineering projects that promote sustainability and social change.

"My passion is to work on projects that improve people’s lives," she shares. "I want to be able to look back upon my career knowing that I contributed to impactful solutions.”

Outside of the office, Marie enjoys having an active lifestyle. She plays volleyball, enjoys skiing, and participates in a trivia league. A recent personal milestone is her newly acquired motorcycle license.

“Now, I want to take my bike offroad. I’m excited about all the places that it will take me!” she smiles.

Clearly, Marie embraces a spirit of curiosity and a willingness to break new ground in all aspects of her life.

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