Malin Lundquist, Strategic Competence Leader

"What makes a great Syntronic engineer?"

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," Confucius once said. Is Syntronic your ideal workplace satisfaction match?

Malin Lundquist, our strategic competence leader who has a key role in recruitment, has noticed a set of characteristics that Syntronic engineers have in common. We present her observations.



The typical Syntronic team member is fascinated by technology’s capacity to improve societies, businesses, and individual lives. “Our engineers are genuinely passionate about technology,” Malin Lundquist explains. “It is a creative workplace where co-workers generate innovative ideas that are heard, tested, and materialized to the greatest possible extent.”


Team members typically have an academic degree related to electronics, computer science, mechanical subjects, or technical physics. Technology is a combined career and passion. “It is clear that our engineers love what we do, since many conduct their own technological side projects in their leisure time,” Malin elaborates. She describes the typical Syntronic engineer as a creative problem-solver with an analytical mindset. “We are curious about the technology of tomorrow and want to form part of creating it.”

"Engineers build long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients"


A great Syntronic engineer helps co-workers reach their full professional potential. “Syntronic is a flat organization characterized by a free flow of information, competence-sharing, humility and camaraderie,” says Malin. The workplace is buzzing with engineers who love to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences with each other in an open and friendly climate. Here, highly qualified engineers with different backgrounds inspire one another and grow together. “During their time with us, engineers build great and often long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients,” Malin comments.


At Syntronic, we count experiences – not days. Since the company portfolio is varied, a career here is characterized by flexibility in terms of projects, colleagues, and customers. “The typical Syntronic engineer builds experience within numerous focus areas throughout his or her career with us,” Malin comments. New challenges are viewed as opportunities to grow.

“Interculturality is a strength that triggers creativity."

Citizens of the world

We believe in anthropologist Robyn Yong’s words “we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” Syntronic is a truly global workplace that values cultural curiosity and diversity. The possibilities to work abroad for shorter or longer periods are generous. Engineers who prefer to remain at their local offices benefit from the internationalisation through contact with colleagues and customers abroad. “Interculturality is a strength that triggers creativity,” Malin offers.

A great Syntronic career at a glance

In summary, the typical Syntronic engineer is passionate, competent, friendly, approachable, flexible, and curious. He or she has an open mind and a team of colleagues to inspire and get inspired by.

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