Jason Liu, Project Manager

Jason Liu:” Treat each team member as your closest ally!”

When Scandinavian students were asked to identify their life goals in a study, they ranked extensive travel and fulfilling careers the highest.

Syntronic’s Jason Liu, who has achieved both, shares his reflections on growth in today’s dynamic work environment.


Imagine this: You are on a business trip near the Amazonian rainforest when your local colleagues suddenly begin to dance and sing. Would you: A) Get confused, B) Kindly ask if you could resume work or C) consider it an opportunity to learn about another culture? Jason Liu picked option “C”. It is one of his most treasured memories. “I’m grateful that my international career at Syntronic has enabled me to see so many different ways of life,” he says. “Thanks to this company, I have communicated with people from all over the world and learnt that each country has positive sides and areas of improvement.”

World-travelling achiever

Today, Jason enjoys a well-balanced life in Sweden, but he has also experienced the US, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Germany, and Austria. After having worked with international companies like Samsung and Siemens, Jason reached the conclusion that Syntronic was his ideal career match. He joined the Beijing office as a project manager in 2017, where he contributed to developing advanced radio product solutions. A year later, he made use of Syntronic’s relocating-abroad opportunities by choosing a career at our headquarters in Gävle, Northern Sweden.

"At Syntronic, I have the freedom to develop myself both as an engineer and as a leader."

As project manager in Gävle, Jason contributes to the development of new telecom solutions. It is exactly the kind of leadership role that Jason dreamed about when he first entered the mechanical engineering field as a hopeful young student in Yanshan University, China. “I have always been fascinated by how technology can improve the everyday lives of consumers, as well as by how good leadership works. At Syntronic, I have the freedom to develop myself both as an engineer and as a leader,” he says.

Leadership style

There are multiple answers to the enigmatic “what makes a good leader?” question, but the US-based Center for Creative Leadership has, through research identified ten crucial skills: integrity, ability to delegate, communication, self-awareness, gratitude, learning agility, positive influence, empathy, courage and respect. Jason considers them all essential but is especially guided by the “positive influence” factor in his daily work at Syntronic.

“Project managers must, in addition to having technical knowledge, provide inspiration and positivity,” he comments. “We are here to help and support the team. Each team member at Syntronic is my closest ally– that is how I see it”.

Equality and inclusion

Jason has witnessed a variety of approaches to project management but favours the inclusive model that is in place at Syntronic. “Aggressive leadership styles that do not allow for differences in opinion can be efficient for short-term results or crisis management, but a flat organization is essential in the long-term” he says.

"We grow when we are willing to learn from others."

Jason's advice to young engineers is to expose themselves to as many different cultures, lifestyles and mindsets as possible.  According to Jason, we grow when we are willing to learn from others, and act as shelters in each other’s storms.

From a personal perspective, life has taught Jason that instant happiness comes from long road trips across open landscapes, new technological discoveries with Syntronic colleagues, and from listening to his seven-year old daughter as she plays the piano.

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