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Sustainability at Syntronic

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We believe in combining the transformative power of science with our commitment to environmental protection. As a global team of engineering professionals operating in an inclusive and gender-diverse environment, we use our full expertise to create smart ways to live, work, and grow.

Sustainable partnerships

We believe in forming long-term sustainable partnerships with world-leading players who share our passion for eco-friendly development and production. Together, we have the capacity, strength, and expertise to make a positive societal and environmental impact.

In our inventive and creative design services, we always develop products for the future with a design for environment focus. As a company operating on the forefront of R&D, we are convinced that our best contribution to the environment is done through our services supplied to our partners.

Sustainable opportunities

We contribute to safeguarding the ecosystem for those who will walk in our footsteps and keep the door of possibilities open for present generations. For us, employee welfare and sustainable career growth is a long-term commitment.

Since our start in 1983, we are committed to creating opportunities for bright professionals, including those at the beginning of their careers. We honor our commitment through in-debt collaborations with academic and educational institutions, an in-house student collaboration scheme and internships programs at many of our global sites.

Sustainable impact

Syntronic welcomes the decisions made at the Paris climate conference (COP21), which resulted in the positive global commitment to counteract climate change by limiting global warming to 1.5°C. In alignment with the 1.5°C ambition, Syntronic is devoted to continuously reducing greenhouse gas (GHG). For Syntronic, our employees, and our partners, sustainable environmental protection remains an essential corporate value.

Syntronic actively takes measures to reduce both the direct and indirect GHG emissions associated with our organization. At our global sites, we actively work towards minimizing both direct and indirect emissions from the activities of our organization (Scope 1 and 2).

To live, work, and innovate sustainably is essential to our organization, teams, and partners. Syntronic will continue to go the extra mile to protect the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.

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Sustainability and inclusion objectives

  • Strengthen our positive impact through sustainable innovation
  • Halve absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2030* and actively strive towards net zero emissions
  • Continue to promote gender-balance in engineering professions through collaborations with educational establishments and awareness initiatives
  • Continue to promote diversity as a strength that results in greater innovation and progress
  • Create sustainable opportunities through our career offers, student collaboration scheme, and internship programs

*Baseline: 2019

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