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Syntronic is now the exclusive main partner for SAIK Bandy, a prominent Swedish sports association founded in 1922. The association based in Sandviken, Sweden, is known for its national and international achievements in bandy, a winter sport that is popular in Scandinavia.

The category "exclusive main partner" is the top of the association's partner levels. Syntronic shares the status as “exclusive main partner” with the multinational engineering group Sandvik.

“It feels good to take our collaboration to the next level. SAIK is a valued sports association that does good things in the region”, says Björn Jansson, CEO and founder of Syntronic Group.

Long-term committment

Syntronic has always had a long-term view of its commitment to sports. The global company, which currently employs roughly 1,700 co-workers and is in an expansive phase, has sponsored SAIK for over thirty years.

The decision to further strengthen the support by now advancing to the exclusive main partner category is greatly appreciated by SAIK's management

“We appreciate that Syntronic is interested in long-term relationships. At SAIK, we cherish the long-term perspective, both in bandy and in our social initiatives that contribute to inclusion, good health and to giving young people a good start in life”, says Rafi Markarian, club manager at SAIK Bandy.


"We appreciate that Syntronic is interested in long-term relationships."

Rafi Markarian, club manager at SAIK Bandy.

Common goals

In addition to bandy, SAIK runs summer camps where young people can strengthen their cooperation skills, activities for youngsters with disabilities, international exchanges and free skating lessons where transport to and from the sports ground is also managed by the association.

To promote inclusion and counteract exclusion, SAIK has started an initiative named “Entré” (Swedish for “entry”). Through the initiative, refugees and newly arrived immigrants can take part in activities such as a language-learning workshops, cooking classes, training sessions and personal development sessions.

From a sports perspective, SAIK considers it important to educate and create opportunities for young players in the region. The association also invests in strengthening women's bandy.

“Creating opportunities for young people has always been important to us. Through the collaboration with SAIK, we support a fair and responsible sports association."

Björn Jansson, founder and CEO of Syntronic Group.

Creating opportunities through sports

"The commitment from companies like Syntronic is absolutely crucial for us to be able to continue running an inclusive bandy association and social activities that benefit people in our region. It feels good to have an exclusive main partner who shares our belief that sports, and its social context, have a positive impact on people's lives and society at large," says Rafi Markarian.

“Creating opportunities for young people has always been important to us. Through the collaboration with SAIK, we support a fair and responsible sports association, says Björn Jansson.

Another common goal is, naturally, the hope for a successful bandy season.

“We are ready for the first games of the season. This season is likely to be exciting and interesting, concludes Wilma Linderqvist, active bandy player and event coordinator at SAIK.

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