Johan Elfsberg

Johan Elfsberg, Team Leader

“With freedom and support, a team can achieve anything”

The best results are achieved in supportive, equal, and free working environments where every voice is heard. That is Johan Elfsberg’s firm conviction.

Johan is an experienced hardware developer and our newly appointed Team Manager in Gävle.

In this interview, he speaks about the new role and shares some of his plans for Syntronic’s highly skilled hardware teams.

In his new role, Johan will support, coach, and facilitate the work of engineers who share the same passion as him: to materialize their ideas and contribute to creating tomorrow’s technology. Johan’s interest in technological development has accompanied him his whole life, from his childhood days in Sandviken to his academic studies at Linköping University. In combination with hard work, the passion resulted in a career as a hardware developer on the frontline of new technology.

Thanks to his extensive experience, Johan has in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges that Syntronic’s hardware engineers face every day. He is looking forward to his new leadership role at the company. “My aim is to provide each team member with support, to make sure that they experience a sense of wellbeing at work, and to give each person freedom to handle their assignments,” he says. “I believe that with freedom and support, a team can achieve anything,” he adds with a smile.

Great working environment

The professional ties between Syntronic and Johan date back to his student days, when he wrote his thesis with us. Subsequently, he joined the company as a hardware designer for ten years. “I learned a lot during that period. I was happy to work and grow in a great environment where I was given the right support, as well as the freedom that I needed in order to develop my ideas,” he remembers.

"At Syntronic, we have a company culture that encourages colleague-to-colleague support."

Now that Johan is making his professional come-back at Syntronic as Team Manager, he would like to contribute to maintaining that positive, productive, and energy-filled environment. “My aim is for everyone to hold onto the feeling of enjoying their working day. I want all team members to feel professionally stimulated,” he shares. “I also want to encourage openness and information-sharing. At Syntronic, we have a company culture that encourages colleague-to-colleague support. Everyone can share ideas and ask each other for advice, regardless of what their roles in the company are. That approach results in a highly creative environment. I will work to maintain and strengthen it,” Johan adds.

Increased demand for hardware

It is an exciting time to lead a hardware team at Syntronic since the demand for our hardware solutions in various sectors is increasing. Johan predicts that the interest from customers will continue to grow and intensify. For that reason, the hardware segment is currently in an expansion phase.

Syntronic is in the process of reinforcing the team by recruiting more electrical engineers with the right set of skills. “We are looking for team players who enjoy collaborating with other engineers to find the best solutions together. I place great value in the ability to cooperate and offer support to one’s colleagues. It will help us build an ever stronger and even more innovative team,” Johan comments.

Supportive leadership style

Supportive leadership skills can help teams achieve their goals, in Johan’s experience. His leadership approach will be focused on maintaining a caring environment, where everyone experiences a sense of wellbeing and belonging. “I’m convinced that it’s the people who are satisfied with their working environments and enjoy their assignments who perform the best and get the best results. They develop professionally and feel attached to the team,” he says. “As a leader, it is important to listen to each person, so that we understand everyone’s needs and make use of the unique competence that we have at the company in the best possible way,” he adds.

“We are looking for team players who enjoy collaborating with other engineers to find the best solutions together."

Each team member matters

In Johan’s experience, it is also beneficial to the team if all colleagues see the full picture, so that each team member realizes how important their own piece of the puzzle really is. That way, it is easier to experience a sense of belonging. In his new role, Johan is looking forward to communicating with his team frequently and elaborately, to make sure that the full picture remains clear at all times.

Great results also come from maintaining a good work-life balance, in Johan’s experience. On a personal level, he re-energizes by spending time with his family and by carving wooden figures inspired by Sweden’s impressive forests. The latter is a skill that Johan’s grandfather has helped him acquire. “Now, I’m teaching my children to carve. It’s a great way to relax and renew our energy together,” he concludes.

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