Farzin Manouchehri, RF Power Amplifier Designer

“Syntronic is an international platform for new ideas”

Our engineering PhD-holder Farzin Manouchehri believes that a second digital communication revolution is just around the corner, that teamwork boosts professional growth, and that a multicultural working environment is the best atmosphere for generating new ideas.

This is his career story.

Many of the technological innovations that we take for granted today started as experimental calculations on a freshly opened Excel spreadsheet. It is a thrilling thought – and one that has always mesmerized Farzin. “The incredible ability that technology has to revolutionize individual lives, countries and societies fascinates me. That is why I liked physics and mathematics from an early age. I didn’t know that I would end up where I am today, as a part of a global team of engineers at a Swedish company, but I always knew that I loved the transformative power of my favorite subjects,” he says.

Diversity as a strength

Farzin’s story begins in Iran. At home, he learned to respect all people, regardless of where they came from, what they believed in, and what their opinions were. He learned to view differences as a strength. That has been Farzin’s guiding principle throughout the years. He went to Canada to study electrical and electronics engineering and became the first in his family to obtain a PhD, at Concordia University in Montréal. After his years as a doctoral student and a few years of R&D experience in Iran, Farzin joined Syntronic’s Canada office in 2018. “What I enjoy about Syntronic is the open, supportive, and diverse work culture. Basically, we are a global team of engineers from different backgrounds who work together for a common objective: technological advancement,” he says.

A second digital communication revolution will transform, facilitate, and improve our lives."

At Syntronic Canada, Farzin’s role involves hardware design and verification for the advanced generation of base stations transmitters. He has a special interest in telecommunication and wireless engineering. “The technological revolution that started about two decades ago has made the world more accessible and connected – but I believe that everything that we have experienced up until now was just the beginning. We will participate in a second digital communication revolution that will transform, facilitate, and improve our everyday lives even more,” he says.

Based on his experience, Farzin’s market prediction is a complete transition to smart items will take place. “There is still a lot of room for improvement in the field of smart technology,” he comments, adding that products such as smart clothes with the ability to collecting medical data is likely to be technically possible in the future.

Teamwork boosts creativity

In sectors that require out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork and inclusiveness are essential success factors, according to Farzin. “To make substantial progress, strong and well-functioning bonds between colleagues is a must. I have had great experience of that at Syntronic,” he says. The RF PA designer describes the company environment as a multidimensional and communal atmosphere that encourages social interaction. “We are a diverse team with members of different backgrounds and experiences, which means that we can tackle challenges from many different angles. That approach makes Syntronic an international platform for new ideas,” he comments.

“In a multicultural environment, we are constantly exposed to new thought processes.”

Cultural richness

Diversity and multiculturalism are other essential success factors in today’s technology sector, Farzin believes. From a cultural richness perspective, Farzin’s new home, Canada, is a true goldmine. A recent census revealed that there are more than 250 ethnicities among the Canadian population  – a fact which Farzin believes has a positive impact on the companies that are active there. “In a multicultural environment, we are constantly exposed to new thought processes,” he says. “It is the best way to encounter ideas that you have never come across in your lifetime. New ideas lead to new innovations and new innovations trigger progress – not just on an individual level but on the sectoral and societal levels as well,” he says.

On a more personal level, Farzin’s strategies for remaining mentally sharp is to be physically active every day and to stay up to date with the latest research in his areas of expertise. So, if you cross his path outside of work, it is likely to be a tennis court or, more recently, a ski slope or coffee shop with a research paper in his hand. “Sports is an important part of my life. It takes away the stress of everyday life. It is something that I always make time for,” he says.

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