Office building in Chengdu China

Due to strong growth and high customer demand in Southwestern China, Syntronic has expanded its lab, acquired additional state-of-the-art lab equipment, and doubled its office premises in Chengdu.

“This represents a new chapter of our development here,” Steven Man General Manager at Syntronic’s Chengdu branch, commented at the official inauguration ceremony on Friday. The event was held in the presence of an important strategic partner.

Opening ceremony office Chengdu

Advanced testing equipment

As a part of the substantial upgrade in Chengdu, Syntronic enforced its lab with additional testing equipment. The advanced new equipment will be used for high-speed digital board testing, automated testing, RF testing, cabinets, and customized test solutions, such as power supply test.

The expanded lab and larger office space will allow Syntronic to continue its rapid growth in Southwestern China, both in terms of workforce and assignments from partners. Since Syntronic first set up shop in Chengdu – which is renowned as the ICT capital of Western China – in 2016, the growth has been constant.

“We are now active in many different sectors, including telecom, automotive and the industrial sector. The number of employees has grown rapidly and now exceeds two hundred,” Steven Man commented. “In just five years, Syntronic’s Chengdu branch has grown tremendously,” he concluded.

Hi-tech hub of innovation

Chengdu is a leading telecom hub that is developing at a rapid pace. An increasing number of technologically intense firms across the globe are opting for having a strategic presence in this dynamic location.

Syntronic is noticing an increased demand for its advanced R&D services related to areas such as hardware, software, test systems, AI, and the Internet of Things, in this part of China.


About us

Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production, and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, industrial and medtech.

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近年来,随着科学技术的发展,许多制造企业逐渐淘汰以人力为主的生产方式,不断尝试朝着信息化、智能化方向转型升级。其中,机器视觉在诸多领域的应用开始迅猛发展,各行各业对图像采集和机器视觉技术的自动化需求广泛出现。而工业相机作为机器视觉系统中的关键组件也具有十分广阔的市场前景。   工业相机最本质的功能就是将光信号转变成有序的电信号,在拍摄速度、精度和可重复性等方面远远超于普通相机,能应用于不适合人工作业的危险工作环境、肉眼难以满足要求的场合,或重复性作业过程。同时,为满足检测需求、保障被监控产品的质量...
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“一年而所居成聚,二年成邑,三年成都”。成都,古蜀文明发祥地,川渝地区的璀璨明珠,自从建城以来,从未改变过名称。朝代更替,周而复始,两千年的历史积淀,让这座古都拥有浓厚的文化底蕴和独特的文化气息。除了承载着历史的厚重记忆,现在的成都更是为创新发展而努力前行,把建设具有全国影响力的科技创新中心作为发展目标。 ”Ericsson has selected Syntronic as its leading partner in the context of its Ardesco projects in...
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