CEO Ovzon and managing director Syntronic Prouction Services shaking hands

Syntronic has been entrusted with a substantial multi-purpose contract by Ovzon, a leading mobile satellite services provider committed to ensuring connectivity to customers in some of the world’s most remote places.

“We look forward to a broad and extensive long-term partnership with Syntronic.”

–  Per Norén, CEO Ovzon

Ovzon has opted for benefiting from Syntronic’s full and complete offer, which covers a wide range of services, from R&D and NPI to production and the aftermarket stage. “We choose Syntronic because they can provide support throughout the entire life cycle of a product on a global scale. This makes Syntronic an ideal partner for us,” says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

“We are thrilled that Ovzon, an innovative provider of satcom-as-a-service solutions that are designed to improve connectivity on a global scale, has chosen Syntronic as a strategic long-term partner.”

– Roger Lindholm, managing director of Syntronic Production Services

“At Syntronic, we share Ovzon’s passion for cutting-edge solutions with the capacity to contribute to a better-connected future. We look forward to supporting Ovzon as they continue to advance, grow and innovate,” Roger Lindholm adds.

Multi-purpose responsibility

The comprehensive agreement signed in December is regarded as a mutually beneficial commitment by both partners. In the initial stage of the collaboration, Syntronic will provide services related to an advanced broadband terminal developed by Ovzon. Ovzon’s industry leading broadband terminal makes it possible to transmit and receive high volumes of data in remote places and challenging conditions – all in a reliable, resilient, and fast manner.

Syntronic will strengthen Ovzon’s offer by assuming the responsibility for procuring key components that are integrated into the satellite terminal.

Syntronic will also take charge of the end assembly stage and ensure quality assurance by conducting advanced production tests. The final product will be delivered to Ovzon’s customers directly by Syntronic.

“We envision a sustainable collaboration with Syntronic that will be strengthened over time,” Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon, comments.

Innovative solutions for improved connectivity

By forming strategic partnerships with a company like Syntronic, Ovzon can focus fully on its core commitment, which is to develop and deliver Satcom-as-a-Service, including Ovzon’s mobile-satellite broadband terminals at the forefront of new technology.

Ovzon are internationally renowned for providing high bandwidth through small terminals. Thanks to the company’s advanced proprietary satellite technology and unique ultra-small terminals, mobile users can transfer large amounts of data and enjoy connectivity anywhere – including in some of the world’s most remote places.

The demand for the Ovzon’s unique solutions is growing among customers with high-performance requirements, such as governments, emergency services, civil protection, fire brigades as well as media & entertainment and telemedicine industries.

“Ovzon is a technically-advanced partner that contributes to breaking new ground in its areas of expertise. We are ready for a long and sustainable collaboration with Ovzon,” Roger Lindholm, managing director of Syntronic Production Services, concludes.

For further information please contact:
Per Norén, CEO,, +1 206 931 7232

About Ovzon

Ovzon is revolutionizing mobile broadband via satellite with the highest bandwidth through the smallest terminals. Ovzon’s end-to-end SATCOM-as-a-Service solutions meet the growing demand for global connectivity for customers with the highest performance requirements including Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Public Safety/Fire Brigades, Mariners, Media, and NGOs. The company was founded in 2006 and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden; Herndon, VA; and Tampa, FL. Ovzon is publicly listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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About Syntronic

Syntronic is a leading design house specializing in advanced product and systems development, production, and aftermarket services. Among our customers and partners are some of the world’s most technology intensive businesses and organizations in sectors such as telecom, automotive, industrial and medtech.

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