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Syntronic’s production site in Sandviken is entering a new development phase. The plan is for the site to become a specialized hub for mechanical assembly and mechanical construction.

“This is a fresh start for our Sandviken site! We have a lot of experience in mechanical assembly and mechanical design in Sandviken already but since they will be our prioritized areas of expertise, we will grow and develop even further within those specific segments.”

–  Anders Wejåker, Manager of Mechanical Engineering at Syntronic in Sandviken

The specialization in Sandviken is likely to have a positive impact on Syntronic’s overall growth journey. “Our aim is to be able to handle all Syntronic’s mechanical assembly operations in Sweden. That means that teams with other areas of expertise will be able to focus whole-heartedly on their core activities and entrust the Sandviken site with their mechanical assembly needs,” Anders Wejåker comments. “The new approach will put us in a position to assist colleagues at other locations with their projects,” he adds.

In addition to the increased focus on assembly, the Sandviken site is in the process of strengthening its high-level mechanical design team. “The plan is for us to become the core of Syntronic’s mechanical design segment. In order to achieve that, we need to employ more specialists,” Anders Wejåker explains.

As a result of the specialization, the team in Sandviken will be able to improve the efficiency of projects conducted at other Syntronic sites in Sweden, but the team will also be in a position to handle an increasing number of projects conducted entirely in Sandviken. “Our on-going specialization has already strengthened our market reputation as a reliable mechanics partner,” says Anders Wejåker. “The Sandviken site is growing, both in terms of size and assignments, which is a positive and promising development for us.”

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Anders Wejåker, Manager of Mechanical Engineering at Syntronic in Sandviken

Greater efficiency

Another novelty at the Sandviken site is that the mechanical workshop has entered a growth phase. The workshop will be able to handle a greater number of manufacturing projects. “We are getting ready to intensify our manufacturing operations,” Anders Wejåker comments. “The advantage of in-house manufacturing is that it increases our flexibility. It puts us in a position where we can modify components during the manufacturing process in accordance with the customer’s needs, which will result in greater efficiency and shorter delivery times,” he adds.

Syntronic’s specialization strategy in Sandviken will create new job opportunities in the region – both in the short run and long-term. “We are looking forward to increase the size of our team and attract competent and highly-skilled people to our site,” Anders Wejåker comments. He adds that new job opportunities will open up both on the assembly side and in the mechanical workshop.

High standards

As a result of the increased specialization, the site in Sandviken will henceforth mainly focus on advanced mechanics and mixed volumes. The increased specialization is associated with several benefits. “Specialization will allow us to operate more efficiently, in a less time-consuming way. It is also an excellent strategy for ensuring that the quality of our products and solutions continue to increase,” Anders Wejåker explains.

In addition to the long-term plans of expanding the team, Syntronic will make logistic improvements to optimize the Sandviken site’s ability to handle an increased number of projects. For instance, the company plans to invest in new test equipment at the site.

Anders Wejåker is looking forward to entering a new phase together with his colleagues in Sandviken. “Everything that we have achieved in Sandviken so far was possible thanks to the very competent and dedicated people who form part of our team here. We look forward to keep growing together,” he concludes.

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