RF integration competition

Inspire. Improve. Innovate. Those are the aims of Syntronic China’s new initiative: An in-house RF Integration Professional Skills Competition.

The first edition of the competition, which was open to RF integration teams in multiple locations where Syntronic is present in China, attracted strong interest. In total, eight teams from different cities took part of the competition, which was officially launched in April.

“This professional skills competition is a good opportunity for professional growth."

Zhao Zhensheng, General Manager of Syntronic Asia.

At an award ceremony held in June, the General Manager of Syntronic Asia, Zhao Zhensheng, congratulated the winning team: the RF integration team in Tianjin.

“This professional skills competition is a good opportunity for professional growth,” he said, adding that the contest will be a reoccurring event.

DPD theme

The theme of this year’s RF Integration Competition Digital was Pre-Distortion Optimization (DPD) and Verification. The objective was to present team members with an opportunity to strengthen their expertise in digital pre-distortion technology. Advanced DPD skills contribute to reinforcing the core competitiveness of Syntronic’s RF integration services.

Digital pre-distortion is one of the most basic building blocks in current wireless communication systems. It improves the efficiency of power amplifiers considerably by reducing the distortion generated when the power amplifier operates in its nonlinear region.

The skills competition concept will be extended to other technical teams in the future.

In the 5G era, the number of antennas in communication base stations has increased, the spectrum has become more crowded, and digital pre-distortion has become a key technology commercially used in cellular communication systems in large quantities.

With the gradual expansion of the cellular communication system market, the application of digital pre-distortion technology will face many challenges brought about by different bandwidths, powers, number of carriers, peak-to-average ratios, and the number and density of base stations.

The RF integration teams in various regions took this competition as a valuable opportunity to strengthen their already advanced DPD expertise.

Syntronic China expects to see a keen interest in next year’s edition of the RF Integration Professional Skills Competition. Moreover, the skills competition concept will be extended to other technical teams in the future.

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