Simon Pontin

Simon Pontin

“It was an amazing opportunity for me to come to Syntronic”

Simon Pontin's journey with Syntronic began through the student collaboration scheme. His thesis project at Syntronic focused on creating an AI-based race strategy assistant for Formula 1 cars.

Afterwards, Simon was offered a permanent position as a development engineer at the company's headquarters in Sweden. Below, he shares his experience of Syntronic’s student collaboration scheme.

“It was a great experience and opportunity for me as a student to come to Syntronic for my degree project. It provided me with a fantastic opportunity to delve into the professional world and gain insights into the daily life of a computer engineer. Interacting with experts at Syntronic broadened my perspective and allowed me to grasp the nuances of the field.

The exposure to a variety of captivating projects was interesting and intriguing. I liked the juxtaposition of the projects' serious nature with the laid-back and creative atmosphere of the office. The open office layout was great for knowledge-sharing and made it easy to have engaging discussions on problem-solving.

Throughout my degree project, I got support from multiple people with different expertise, which was really helpful. The engineers at Syntronic showed that they were interested in my project, which was really fun and motivational. All available help and support made the stress from the project go away.

Since I really liked the atmosphere, workplace, and the people at the department I did my degree project on, it was a no brainer for me to say ‘yes’ when I was asked to join the time after finishing my project.

Today, my work at Syntronic consists of fun and developing tasks in a team with great people around me in different expertise areas. I get to meet customers, work on interesting projects, and participate in team meetings.”





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