Mats Wiklander

Mats Wiklander, Consultant Manager

“Engineers need a people-centered environment to thrive”

This week, we introduce Mats Wiklander, Consultant Manager at our headquarters in Sweden.

Mats is passionate about technology but even more committed to providing our engineers with the right conditions for growth and development.

In this interview, Mats shares his strategies for building strong, happy, and innovative teams.



One of Mats’ earlies memories is kneeling in front of a battered old computer in his family home in the Swedish coastal city of Älvkarleby. He was four years old and had discovered something extraordinary: A box of magic.

“I remember thinking that computers must be magical. They could respond to instructions, but no one could quite explain to me how it worked, so I was intrigued,” he recalls.

Today, after more than twenty years in the engineering industry in both technical and managerial positions, Mats has in-depth knowledge not only of how computers work, but also in cutting edge R&D. Yet, the feeling of wonderment lives on.

“Research & development is a fantastic sector to be active in. I have the privilege of working with a team that shares my passion for technology. To hear colleagues exclaim things like ‘I love my job’ on an ordinary working day, which has happened here at Syntronic, is amazing and a great motivator for us all,” he says.

While magical computers were Mats’ first love in life, it didn’t take him long to discover his second and even stronger passion: People.

“I love technology but in the course of my career, I’ve discovered that I like helping people grow and develop even more,” he says.

"To hear colleagues exclaim things like ‘I love my job’ on an ordinary working day, which has happened here at Syntronic, is amazing".

Supportive management style at Syntronic

In his role as consultant manager at Syntronic, Mats focus is to provide each team member with the right conditions for performing their best and achieving their full potential.

“I always respect the fact that all individuals are different. When differences are respected, they become strengths. I believe that diversity in terms of experiences, preferences, and personality makes a team stronger” he says.

As a manager and as an innovator, Mats is convinced that a people-centred approach is the best recipe for promoting a work culture inducive to growth and development.

“My philosophy can be described in these terms: I don’t hire developers. I hire people with expertise in development. As is the case with other professionals, engineers need a people-centred environment to thrive,” Mats explains.

When it comes to recruiting engineers for entry-level positions, Mats considers it important to have a long-term perspective.

“When I welcome new engineers into this industry, I don’t just see them for who they are today. I also see them for who they have the potential of becoming one, two or several years from now. As a company, Syntronic is great at providing both new and experienced engineers with opportunities,” he says.

Our consultant manager’s final piece of advice for building strong teams is to encourage well-functioning work-life harmony strategies.

“Personally, I’m the kind of engineer who doesn’t touch a computer in my free time. I live out on a farm with family, where we keep horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, bees for honey, and hens for fresh eggs in the morning,” he shares. “I always encourage my team members to find their own strategies for relaxation and rejuvenation – their own happy place.”

Do you want to join Mats’ team of innovators? Due to strong customer demand, we can offer several interesting software development positions at the moment. Apply here.

Do you share our commitment to lifesaving R&D?

Do you want a meaningful career that contributes to technological progress?

Join us in creating the innovations of tomorrow.

We invite you to join our team and experience life as a consultant in a fast-paced environment with top-performing clients.


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