Joel Listerfelt

Joel Listerfelt:

“An intellectually stimulating and fun experience”

Although he is a cherished member of Syntronic’s expert consultancy team today, Joel Listerfelt’s professional journey with us began with the student collaboration scheme.

For twenty intense weeks, his mind was immersed in a degree project aiming to create a proof of concept demonstrating the feasibility of an original idea. This is his story.

“To produce my degree project with Syntronic was an amazing opportunity to learn from already qualified and experienced engineers. Right from the start, I was welcomed into the community. The engineers at Syntronic were interested in my project, my ideas, and in me as a person. Professionally, socially, and intellectually, it was a great environment for a student to thrive in.

"I was part of the community."

I had regular meetings and long discussions with my assigned mentor, who was a source of inspiration to me throughout the process. Moreover, my mentor could always guide me towards Syntronic engineers with specific areas of expertise who all shared their thoughts and time with me generously. As a student collaborator, I was considered part of the community, so the team members were always willing to guide and listen to me.

"The open environment was conducive to learning."

What I enjoyed the most about the experience was the engineering team’s curious and welcoming approach towards me as a student. It was easy to ask questions and brainstorm ideas. At Syntronic, knowledge-sharing is encouraged, so I always felt comfortable. The open environment was conducive to learning, development, and progress. So, when I was asked to join the team permanently after graduation, the answer was easy.

"My days are varied."

Today, my career at Syntronic provides me with opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge projects in the field of electronic design. My days are varied and can involve anything from designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) to soldering and verification. I still learn, grow, and develop professionally in a great working environment.”

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