Gustaf Dahl:

“Syntronic encouraged our vision and provided guidance”

Gustaf Dahl was one of the students to receive a national scholarship for outstanding work, quality, and progressiveness by the Swedish Board of Radio Navigation.

This is the behind-the-scenes story of his thesis experience with Syntronic.

“I have always been fascinated by progressive areas of development and emerging technologies. I’m especially interested in how technology can be used to break new ground, unveil new answers, and reach new results.

"I was already familiar with Syntronic’s work."

When I read a thesis proposal on UWB positioning systems on Syntronic’s website, it felt like a great match. Me and a fellow student at the same academic institution, who had decided to work together on our thesis project, immediately saw many advantages with the decision to opt for Syntronic.

"You get the chance to explore how your knowledge can be used in practice."

When you write your thesis outside of the academic settings, with a company like Syntronic which is committed to developing new solutions, you get the chance to explore how your knowledge and findings can be used in practice. It was an opportunity to add an element of reality to our thesis project.

"We were given the support that we needed."

It was after completing the project that we found out that the RNN had decided to grant us their annual scholarship for outstanding work. Naturally, it felt great to have our work recognised by the RNN, which is an internationally renowned organization within radio navigation. Today, I’m permanently employed at Syntronic Gothenburg. I’m still interested in UWB positioning systems and other emerging systems that can help us create new solutions and solve old problems.”

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