Emma Nilsson

Emma Nilsson, Project Manager

“Project management is about bringing out the best in people”

When she decided to look for a new challenge after 11 years of experience, Project Manager Emma Nilsson wanted to join a company with interesting projects and an inclusive workplace culture.

Syntronic fit the description.

In this interview, Emma shares her best professional development strategies and project management insights.


When does a dream become a plan? To Emma Nilsson, who recently joined Syntronic’s headquarters as a project manager, the answer is simple: When we want it to.

“I believe in making dreams achievable by dividing them into smaller targets and work relentlessly towards them,” she says.

“If you never take your eyes off your destination, the journey can seem unsurmountable. If you on the other hand set realistic targets and achieve them one by one, the final destination does not seem so far away after all.”

"I am interested in the strategies, routines, and dynamics that make teams grow and reach new targets together."

It is a strategy that has served Emma well. She transformed her dream of working in leadership positions in the engineering sector step by step.

After having obtained a degree in logistics management at the University of Gävle, Emma joined a global steel development company where she systematically climbed the corporate ladder.

When Emma was hungry for a new ladder to climb, she opted for joining Syntronic.

“My goal was to join a tech team with interesting projects and good opportunities for professional growth,” she says.

Reaching new heights

Philanthropist Sir Edmund Hillary once wrote that it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. In that spirit, Emma has always been driven by the idea of constant personal and professional improvement – her own as well as those of the people she works with.

“My driving force is to keep learning and growing by challenging myself to engage in new experiences,” she shares.

“From a professional perspective, I am interested in the strategies, routines, and dynamics that make teams grow and reach new targets together.”

Project management insights

Emma’s long career has resulted in crucial insights about productive teamwork. Her experience has taught her that diversity, inclusivity, and clear communication are crucial ingredients for successful teamwork in project form.

“It’s clear that diversity in terms of life experience, age, gender and a myriad of other factors benefits the whole group,” she says.

“People with different experiences bring different insights, ideas, and perspectives to the table. As a result of that, diverse teams become creative and progressive.

“My goal was to join a tech team with interesting projects and good opportunities for professional growth."

For teams to be able to reap the benefits of diversity, the next ingredient on the list – inclusivity – is essential. Here, efficient project management skills have the power to make a difference, in Emma’s experience.

"My role is to motivate, inspire, and coordinate but also to make sure that everyone in the team has a voice,” she says.

“Teams consist of a myriad of different individuals. They each have their own stories, their own personalities, and their own strengths.”

"The project manager’s role is to bring out the best in each team member.”

As a project manager, Emma considers it important to be responsive, approachable and adaptable.

“Often, the individuals in a team have different communication preferences. Some prefer to express themselves in open forums, while others are more comfortable in smaller constellations. The project manager’s role is to bring out the best in each team member.”

Health and productivity

Work-life harmony is another point on Emma’s list of insights. “As people, we are made up of many layers and our professional lives is just one of them. We all need forums for relaxations and refueling.”

Personally, Emma relaxes and recharges through cross country skiing and running. She also coaches a junior team at her local cross country skiing club.

“Being a coach energizes me. It’s rewarding to be there for the children and inspire them to reach new goals. Their happiness makes me happy,” she concludes.

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