Daniel Blomquist

Daniel Blomquist, Senior Sourcing Manager

“A professional come-back is great for the individual as well as for the company”

Strategy. Optimization. Efficiency. Those are key words that our newly appointed Senior Sourcing Manager, Daniel Blomquist, believes in.

Daniel, who was our consultant manager in the early 2000s, is making his come-back at Syntronic with fresh eyes and new experience.

In a candid interview, he shares his vision for Syntronic’s future sourcing strategy.

A professional come-back at a previous workplace is win-win situation. From an employer perspective, it is a receipt that the company has made a positive lasting impression on the team member. From the co-worker perspective, it shows that the company values you as an individual – and that the experience that you have acquired along your personal career path is appreciated. “I have a fantastic feeling about being back at Syntronic. My Syntronic journey was not finished yet. I have much more to give and many more ideas to share with the team here,” says Daniel Blomquist.

“I believe that given the right circumstances, no problem is too difficult."

Daniel, who was Syntronic’s Consultant Manager from 2000 to 2004, played a key role in the process of setting up test development operations at our Gävle headquarters. One month ago, he joined our team again – now in the capacity of Senior Sourcing Manager. Full of energy, he embraces his new role with enthusiasm. “A professional come-back is great for the individual as well as for the company,” he shares. “The combination of being someone who knows the company well and, at the same time, an outsider with a fresh pair of eyes, puts you in a position to analyse strategies for progress from different perspectives,” he says.

New role, new vision

As Senior Sourcing Manager, Daniel is responsible for developing the company’s procurement and sourcing strategies, together with the competent team at Syntronic Production Services in Sweden. “Our overall aim is to create a common ground and develop a central strategy that will benefit both Syntronic and our partners,” he explains.

In the long-term, Daniel wants to contribute towards a unified sourcing approach. “I have a vision of a strategic sourcing plan, according to which all procurement is organized in a centralized manner. My vision is a Syntronic that is increasingly efficient, profitable, and focused on sustainability in its sourcing and procurement strategies” he says.

Seeing the big picture

Daniel is also looking forward to contributing to Syntronic’s overall progress. “I’m incredibly impressed by Syntronic’s growth and I’m convinced that this is just the beginning,” he says. Daniel has a vision of a Syntronic that is twice as big in terms of projects, global presence, and team. He believes that the vision has great potential of coming true – and that it might be possible in as little as five years.

In terms of global expansion, Daniel reckons that the development we have seen so far is merely the first step. “I believe that Syntronic’s international expansion has only just begun. We will explore and enter new markets, in Europe, America and, of course, Asia,” he says.

"To be as productive as possible, it is essential to enjoy life and do what makes you happy."

Outside of work, Daniel re-energizes himself by spending time with his wife, Jenny, and two grown-up children: Rasmus and Molly. Daniel is passionate about Formel 1 and never misses an opportunity to go snowmobiling on a lake next to his family’s idyllic cottage in Dalarna, Northern Sweden. “My personal motto is ‘live in the moment’. To be as productive as possible, it is essential to enjoy life and do what makes you happy”, he shares.

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