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Today, Syntronic Indonesia announced that its request for a Bonded Zone License has been approved by the authorities. The new license means that Syntronic’s repair center in Jakarta, Indonesia, can increase its market reach significantly. Henceforth, Syntronic’s repair center will be able to accept larger repair volumes from its global customers, as a result of the more efficient arrangements and terms of trade that are associated with the new licence.

The development is a major milestone for both Syntronic Indonesia and the company as a whole.

“The Bonded Zone License enables us to reinforce our position as an efficient, fast and state-of-the-art repair center hub on both the Asian and the global markets. The demand for our cost-effective solutions and high-quality repair and testing services for advanced telecommunication- and electronic products is high. Now, our global customers outside of Indonesia will be able to benefit from them as well”

–  Stefan Sundin, President Director of PT Syntronic Indonesia

Indonesia’s customs authorities approved Syntronic’s Bonded Zone License on the 1st of December. Customers in Europe, Asia and other locations have already expressed an interest in an increased collaboration with the repair center. The center is able to intensify its operations with immediate effect since it is constructed for handling global repair volumes.

Syntronic’s increased focus on its repair center in Jakarta will create new job opportunities in the region. The company is already well-established in Indonesia, where it currently employs more than 90 people and has developed long-term partnership with local businesses. “The more well-established Syntronic becomes in Indonesia, the more we will be able to help local companies develop their businesses. Our strategy is to provide repair services for high-end electronic and electro-mechanic products on behalf of our customers Moreover, we can provide design service solutions through our offices in Sweden, Canada, and China, to completement our offer”, Stefan Sundin explains.

In Indonesia, as well as in its other strategically located global offices, Syntronic has an ethical approach to its corporate growth journey. “At Syntronic, we always respect the local culture and operate according to the local rules and regulations in an environmentally sustainable manner”, Stefan Sundin comments. “Syntronic is a company that is committed to remain in Indonesia, so that we can contribute to developing the business segment here and create employment opportunities locally while providing our global customers with the best possible service and quality,” he adds.

In all its global locations, Syntronic ’s method is to recruit locally and provide training in-house rather than to employ expatriates. The company has been present in Indonesia since 2010. Its repair center in Jakarta is an essential part of Syntronic Aftermarket Services, which is renowned as a one-stop solution with great performance and flexibility.

The plan is to recruit more people in the Jakarta region in the near future, to expand the Indonesia team. “Indonesia is a growing economy with a great outlook, a cost-effective approach and a constant commitment to development. Those factors, in combination with the excellent availability of well-educated engineers and technicians, makes it a perfect location for Syntronic today and in the future”, Stefan Sundin concludes.

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