Syntronic and Indonesian Embassy meeting in Kista

In line with Syntronic’s global aspiration to make a positive societal impact, the engineering firm is strengthening its commitment in Indonesia. The Ambassador of Indonesia, Kamapradipta Isnomo, visited Syntronic in Stockholm discuss avenues of increased collaboration on Thursday.

“We had very constructive discussions on ways and means to strengthen collaboration between Syntronic and Indonesia”

–  Kamapradipta Isnomo, The Ambassador of Indonesia

The official meeting took place at Syntronic’s office in Kista Science City in Stockholm, which is the world’s largest ICT cluster after Silicon Valley in California. The First Secretary of the Embassy of Indonesia, Akbar Makarti, was also in attendance.

Syntronic and Indonesian Embassy at the office in Kista

Innovation and societal development

The diplomatic visit was an opportunity to discuss avenues of collaboration related to education, job creation, infrastructure, and sustainability. Syntronic actively supports Indonesia’s vision of amplifying the number of high-skilled jobs and strongly believes that innovation-based R&D is an efficient tool for building sustainable societies.

Ambassador and CEO meeting at Syntronic

Kamapradipta Isnomo, The Ambassador of Indonesia, and Björn Jansson, CEO and founder Syntronic group.

“My team and I look forward to expanding our historically long and good operations in Indonesia” 

– Björn Jansson, CEO and founder Syntronic group

The embassy representatives expressed an interest in Syntronic’s advanced research & development expertise and commitment to contributing to creating job opportunities at its global sites. “I look forward to deepening our cooperation,” Ambassador Kamapradipta commented.

Supporting sustainable growth

As a global engineering firm whose presence in Indonesia exceeds ten years, Syntronic takes an active interest in initiatives that strengthen the country’s infrastructure. On Tuesday, the President Director för PT. Syntronic Indonesia, Stefan Sundin, participated in an international event centred around the project to relocate Indonesia’s capital city. At the event, representatives of the Nordic countries contributed with their insights.

Indonesia’s green initiatives are of particular interest to Syntronic. The company actively supports the country’s implementation of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, which focuses on smart and sustainable solutions. In line with that commitment, Syntronic was selected for an international sustainability panel during Sweden-Indonesia Sustainability Partnership week.

“Clearly, Indonesia is a development-focused and responsible economy with a bright future. We will continue to be a positive force in the country, through job creation and the promotion of sustainable solutions,” Stefan Sundin, who represented Syntronic as a panellist, comments.

Following the diplomatic visit on Thursday, Syntronic envisions a long-term collaboration with the Embassy of Indonesia. The global engineering firm will continue to support the ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’ initiative as well as exploring other avenues of collaboration.

“The creative and positive meeting we had together was a step in the right direction. I look forward to intensifying our collaboration,” Björn Jansson concludes.

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